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Have you been thinking about installing LED lighting on your vehicle? Flatout Offroad has an extensive range of LED lights for cars that effectively suit most needs. Browse our range of LED lighting today to select a set of LED work lights, spotlights, or a lightbar to increase your driving safety and expand the scope of scenarios your car is suited for today.

Led Lights For Cars

LED lighting has grown in popularity in the automotive lighting market, becoming the most effective choice for headlights, driving lights, fog lamps and more modern vehicle accessories. Our selection of LED lighting provides vehicles with brighter illumination than their halogen counterparts, consuming less energy and generating less heat, providing better visibility and longevity of the lighting on your car or in the area. In addition, we believe LED lights pair well with off-roading as aesthetically pleasing, practical accessories which we feature on our own vehicles.

LED Work Light

One of our accessories for sale is the LED work light, offered in multiple styles and mounts, with impressive smooth wide beams that fill the space. Our work lights are compact and powerful, with each one being IP68 waterproof rated, with vibration and shock-proofing. In addition, our products are EMC shielded, pre-wired with a DT connector and employ genuine Cree or Osram LED chips.

Providing an excellent solution for your job site, we offer our work lights at an affordable price. Each model ensures you see great results when brightening up a large area when working during night-time hours.

LED Light Bars

Our LED light bars are easily fitted to your vehicle, offering advanced optics which control the emitted light for greater efficiency. The aluminium housing design of our accessories enables an efficient platform for the transfer of heat from electrical components and minimising buffeting while driving to reduce wind noise.

While our light bars will effectively meet the needs of night-time lowlight scenarios, daytime running lights help increase the visibility of your vehicle all day long, reducing accidents while implementing a stylish addition to your car. Do not compromise on the safety of your vehicle; add a lighting feature that will protect your investment, yourself, and your passengers.

LED Spotlights

Shop no further than our Flatout Offroad store for more focus and range than the LED light bar. LED spotlights use modern LED technology to help you drive better at night-time. Spotlights extend the capabilities of light bar beams, which are fitted to highlight the immediate area in front of your vehicle.

We will pair you with a product that provides clarity for night-time driving with excellent longevity when you contact us. Additionally, installing multiple lighting accessories provides the versatility of both light bars and spotlights for effective off-roading and safety on the road. Finally, our products extend to other areas of safety, such as our fender flares NZ which present another useful modification for your vehicle.

Excellent communication and shipping

We excel at shipping our products swiftly, catering for our global clients with worldwide shipping through DHL, and connecting New Zealand customers to our products through Courier Post. In addition, we aim to maintain stock availability to make our online services immediate for customers, presenting products for their complete vehicle off-road modifications.

Our team is proud to service clients with sufficient knowledge about our broad product range and a friendly rapport with our customers. Additionally, we offer a minimum of 12 months warranty for every one of our products. Furthermore, our returns policy is valid for any manufacturing defect, and we will act to swiftly replace any faulty product to get you back on the road in no time.

Long-lasting lighting fixtures

LED chips have significant longevity, helping you pay less for maintenance and often lasting for the whole lifespan of your vehicle. Our lighting fixtures, when combined with our body lift kits, can empower your vehicle for off-road action at any time of day.

Flatout Offroad products use high-quality materials and are chosen by our team of off-roading enthusiasts. We will send a product immediately to your address, helping you apply a DIY solution in no time.

Affordable kits with DIY installation

We supply our kits and accessories with secure installation options, including simple instructions to ensure you can execute a quick installation that will fit the accessories effectively. Understanding why LED lights are effective for modern cars, our team will have confidence in suggesting the right choice for your vehicle or space, and the use you require the accessory for.

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