Fender Flares NZ

Are you planning to extend your vehicle's fenders for off-road protection or compliance with New Zealand laws? Browse our selection of fender flares NZ to find the optimal rubber wheel arch flares, fender flares, or multi-fit solutions to protect your investment.

Fender Flares NZ

Our fender flare kits include all fastenings and mounting plates, offering affordability by pricing our rubber wheel arch flares by the metre. Each metre is supplied with four mounting plates and required fasteners. Fender flares are ideal for getting your 4wd road legal, covering oversized wheels or tires. Additionally, installing fender flares helps protect your vehicle's body by deflecting debris and safeguarding against rock damage.

Wheel arch flares NZ

Retaining resale value, protecting and improving your vehicle's style, and allowing for bigger wheels and tyres while abiding by tyre coverage laws to make your ride legal are excellent benefits of wheel arch flares NZ. In addition, we seek to provide exclusive deals and quality materials for our customers, offering excellent prices and simple installation advice for your DIY project.

We offer our products to global clients, providing you with quick dispatch and speedy delivery. We partner with DHL for regular shipments overseas, working with a 3 - 8 working day delivery target. Additionally, we serve our local clients with Courier Post. All of our parcels are tracked, making the whole process quick and simple, from when the cart is empty to installation onto your vehicle.

How our rubber wheel arch flares reduce damage

Our rubber wheel arch flares reduce the risk of off-road damage for your vehicle, limiting the instances of rocks and debris being flicked onto the side of your car by your tyre tread, damaging the paintwork of your vehicle's body. Additionally, our rubber wheel arch flares seek to minimise the instances of rocks being propelled at vehicles behind your car or driving in the other direction.

We offer our flares to prevent routine damages to your vehicle, where making an investment now will help maintain your investment for the future. Furthermore, our team at Flatout Offroad provides more accessories to effectively meet your needs, such as our LED spotlights NZ which enable complete visibility for night-time off-road drives.

Guaranteeing road legality

Another crucial benefit of wheel arch flares is their ability to keep your vehicle street legal by offering tyre coverage required by New Zealand when tyre tread protrudes from original body panels. Wider tyres performing better in off-road scenarios means that our clients often seek to modify their ride with tyres that extend beyond the vehicle body.

We have sold many fender flares to customers to date, which allow for larger tyres while maintaining road legality and protecting the vehicle’s body. Our team of professionals understand the current LVVT rules and regulations, giving you honest advice and presenting accessories that effectively meet the needs of your vehicle's safety.

Making the installation easy

A core focus of our kits is making locating the suitable accessory and installing it easy by providing simple, detailed tips for DIY fitting. You can find our new date products and accessories listed in our newsletter or by searching our site online.

The simple, effective installation process is consistent with all body lift kit products. We recognise that our kits must apply to all DIY skill levels. Of course, we are happy to help if needed, but we believe our installation advice equips our clients well to implement an effective modification to their vehicle.

Affordable, excellent materials

Shop at Flatout Offroad, and you'll be guaranteed to find a selection of excellent materials at affordable prices. For example, our fender flares consist of durable rubber, which can endure harsh 4wd conditions, providing long-lasting effects. Price at Flatout Offroad is a core focus for our team through our whole range of products. We match customers with the best option for their budget to begin or supplement their off-roading activities.

Suiting your vehicle

Our product range adds style and practical benefits to your vehicle, including our matte black rubber wheel arch flares. Whether you ride in a Ford Ranger, a Toyota Hilux or other off-road vehicle, we cater to all cars and trucks, adapting your vehicle’s style.

One of the main benefits of fender flares relates to the covering of protruding tyre tread, being a more durable off-road alternative which can endure harsh conditions.

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