Suzuki Body Lift Kit

Are you trying to find accessible, high-quality body kits for your Suzuki or off-road vehicle? Feel free to browse our full range for a Suzuki body lift kit, which we produce for Suzuki Vitara, Escudo, Samurai SJ413 and more, to find excellent value for your money. If you can't find your vehicle listed on our site, contact us, and we'll develop a great solution to get you moving.

Body Lift Kits

Our lift kits seek to maintain the stock suspension components of your vehicle, retaining ride quality while benefitting your off-roading by adding space for larger tires, better approach and departure angles and better drive line angles.

Flatout Offroad New Zealand

If you plan on taking your Suzuki Grand Vitara or another model on off-road tracks, Flatout Offroad New Zealand has you covered with our in-house body lift kits. Offering a lifetime guarantee, we build our body kits with reliable components that will give your vehicle longevity and extra room to fit bigger tyres.

Our experienced team understands off-roading requirements, retaining the manufacturer suspension and allowing our customers to implement a DIY solution for their vehicles using basic hand tools.

Excellent custom kits

Every one of our kits is made by our own team, where we only incorporate the best quality materials on the market, pushing the limits of your vehicle to access significant off-road performance. As a result, we don't feel comfortable selling products we would not fit onto our cars, instilling our team with confidence that we'll pair you with an effective all-body lift kit.

We guarantee that our kits are certifiable, allowing you to gain road legality after installation easily. We work tirelessly to fulfil client needs, refunding, replacing or exchanging parts as required without charge. Additionally, we service other vehicle needs, such as our range of LED lights for cars to make Flatout Offroad your one-stop shop.

Why choose our kits?

Choosing our kits should be easy for our local or global customers if you require speedy response times and friendly, honest customer service, with excellent quality products to service your needs. Our team has considerable experience working in the industry and are off-roading lovers ourselves, where each kit suits off-roading enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

We use excellent workmanship and components when creating our kits, presenting far more affordable prices than the suspension lifts counterparts. Additionally, we serve global clients, with an experienced dispatch team working with courier post (domestic) and DHL (international) to send our products, ensuring they'll be quickly in our customer's hands. In addition, we make certain our stock is consistently maintained, meeting the needs of our clients.

Benefits of body lifts

Body lift kits lift the lightest part of the vehicle, so they retain a desirable low centre of gravity. This is important both off-road and in static roll-over tests as the COG is now considered when certifying a vehicle.

The price point of a complete body lift kit is significantly cheaper than the equivalent suspension lift, so it provides excellent value for money, considering the advantages you can gain from installing one.

A lot of vehicles these days have independent front suspension. A suspension lift above 2'' on an IFS-equipped vehicle will generally change drive line angles so significantly that it will create a weak point. On the other hand, a body lift can provide extra space in the wheel well to accommodate larger tires without altering drive line angles.

A suspension lift kit is applied with significant disadvantages compared to body lifts which retain the coil springs and alignment on the mounting points. Body lifts are installed without altering the factory suspension components or changing the ride quality and handling, such as suspension lifts. A body lift can significantly increase approach and departure angles, particularly useful on utes with significant rear overhang while also being applicable to many vehicles, such as a Nissan Safari lift kit NZ.

Body lift kit installation

The DIY body lift kit process is simple, requiring minimal mechanical skills, as we retain the factory suspension components of your ride. Each of our kits is easily fitted, with well-written notes and guidelines for your at-home installation. Additionally, we state the steps for your installation, ensuring that you can complete the process quickly and with ease.

Don't doubt your skills when purchasing one of our body lift kits, as we make it quick and uncomplicated to equip your vehicle in no time.

Certifiable Lift Kits

We guarantee that our lift kits will meet the certification threshold schedule for New Zealand vehicles, ensuring you do not have to stress when conducting the certification process.

View our extensive range today

View our extensive selection today, and get in contact with our friendly team if you require more information about the shipping cost, products or getting a kit installed. If you are living globally or in New Zealand, phone 0278250575 or email us at to make a plan for your off-road adventures.