About Flatout Offroad

Behind the name Flatout Offroad

My name is Ben, I'm the owner / operator of Flatout Offroad Ltd. Flatout has been in business over 7 years, and a lot has changed - but the core values that made it all work back then when it started haven't been forgotten. Its still that small NZ business that prioritizes honest, responsive customer service and reliable fairly priced products. Its been an epic journey so far and I've had the privilege to meet and be involved with some very awesome people over the years and see Flatout products be used all over the world! 
view on top of the landrover perentie new zealand offroading
Good view ontop of the Landy, I spend most of my free time outdoors, and in true Kiwi fashion ill probably be wearing shorts and a t-shirt.. regardless of the weather. 

Got some Questions? Looking forward to meeting you! get in touch with me "Here

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