ISUZU Bighorn, Trooper, Monterey Body Lift Kit

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This complete body lift kit fits Isuzu Bighorn, Trooper, Jackaroo or Monterey. Short (SWB) and Long (LWB) wheel base models. 

Body lift kits are a simple and cost effective way of raising your 4wd.

A great solution to clear larger wheels, give your truck better approach and departure angles or a more aggressive stance. All our kits are created in house, in New Zealand using high quality materials. 

Low volume vehicle certification

Flatoutoffroad bodylift kits are some of the very few kits in NZ and internationally that will pass LVV cert to be road legal.

Multiple other kits available online include lift blocks that are smaller than original body mount diameters and / or use hollow injection formed blocks - These aren't fit for purpose and cant be LVV certified and made road legal in New Zealand.

I receive messages almost daily enquiring about replacement parts for these body lift kits after they can’t pass LVV cert or the vehicles floor pan has been damaged due to incorrect lift blocks. If you plan on installing a body lift in a vehicle to be used on road, please just do yourself a favor and buy this kit and buy once.

Why choose this body lift kit

  • Quality components that WILL pass LVV certification
  • CNC machined, solid lift blocks
  • Logo and size marked lift blocks for LVV certification
  • Fitting instructions
  • Life time warranty
  • NZ made

The Kit:

  • 10 to 12 (Depending on Kit Selected) 66mm diameter solid lift blocks
  • 10 to 12 (Depending on Kit Selected) High tensile fasteners
  •  A detailed set of installation instructions
  •  Certifiable guarantee
  •  No Bullshit, Lifetime warranty
  •  Flatout Offroad stickers

Certifiable guarantee

In New Zealand ANY body lift, regardless of height or manufacturer needs certification to be road legal - end of story. If you purchase a kit for a road going vehicle that doesn't comply, its wasting your time

This kit is designed around New Zealand’s strict certification standards. It comes with a "Certifiable Guarantee" meaning any issues obtaining certification for the contents of this body lift kit, will be addressed by us and wont leave you out of pocket.

Shifter extensions

Designed to return the gear and transfer case shifters back to there original length after the body lift is installed. To suit 2'' / 50mm lifts.