Rubber Wheel Arch Flares 60mm Cover

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Multi fit Rubber Fender Flares 60mm cover

The price listed is for 1 meter of flare with mounting plates and fasteners. When ordering more than 1 meter the flares will be sent in one length. So for example if you order 4 meters then you will receive a 4 meter long roll of flares and enough mounting plates and fasteners to suit. 

How many meters of rubber wheel arch flares will you need?

One wheel arch usually takes just over 1 meter of rubber wheel flares. 5 meters is generally a good amount for four wheel arches. 

Every meter of rubber flare comes with 4 mounting plates and self tapping fasteners to suit. 

More information on these fender flares

This flare fits tightly around your wheel arch, they offer 60mm of cover from the mounting point - total actual size is 82mm including the flat mounting point. Made of quality, durable rubber to stand upto harsh 4wd conditions.

Each meter of flare comes with 4 mounting plates and fasteners to suit, these will hold the flare securely to the underside of your wheel arch. 


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