Suits TOYOTA 1HZ / 1HD-T / 1HD-FT / 1HD-FTE | Exhaust Manifold Stud, Nut & Washer Set

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Exhaust Manifold Stud, Nut & Washer Set, Suits Toyota 1HZ, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT, 1HD-FTE Engines.

This set includes:

12 x M10x1.25 studs to suit. With hex head for easy install.
12 x Copper plated exhaust lock nuts
12 x Hardened flat washers
1 x Hex key


High tensile steel, Zinc Chromate coated manifold studs with copper plated lock nuts.

Each of these studs come with a hex head on the end for easy install.

These studs are an upgrade from OEM on this vehicle. They offer better tensile strength, can provide more clamping force if needed and are corrosion resistant.

This combination of materials wont fuse together from heat cycles of the engine or from corrosion - nor will the studs fuse to the cylinder head over time. Perfect upgrade if you're doing exhaust work or just want to replace the old factory studs for reliability.