Body lift 4x4, is it legal

Body lift 4x4, is it legal

There is always a lot of misleading information on the rules around body lift kits in New Zealand and this is one question I come across a lot. 

So, Is a 2 inch body lift legal in New Zealand?

Firstly, any body lift kit in New Zealand regardless of make, who installed it or its height will need to go through the same certification process. So until it goes through that process along with any other modifications on the vehicle it will technically be non road legal. 

Moving along from that, to when vehicles with a body lift kit installed are presented to a certifier - A lot actually end up failing. So many body lift kits sold in NZ and internationally aren't up to standard and will never pass this LVV certification procedure. Further adding to the rumour of body lifts being illegal in New Zealand.

The right body lift kit

A good body lift will have no problem passing Cert, and is often one of the easier modifications to certify when done correctly. All the body lift kits available at Flatout Offroad will pass this certification process. Certifiable machined steering extensions are also available where needed. 

All body lift products at Flatout also come with a certifiable guarantee for your peace of mind knowing you're getting what you paid for. 

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Is 2 inch body lift legal NZ





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