Are you wondering whether a light bar is suitable for your vehicle? Our range of accessories will help you find the best LED light bar NZ to suit your needs. Flatout Offroad will serve your vehicle well, offering outstanding results at affordable prices!

Led Light Bar NZ

We have a knowledgeable team who offer light bars that are all IP68 waterproof rated while being shock and vibration proof, EMC protected, and supplied with a Plug and Play wiring loom. When you contact us, we work to ensure our clients are knowledgeable about our range of lighting fixtures to ensure you can make an informed decision for the most effective lighting for your vehicle's intended use.

LED Light Bars

Our LED light bars provide illumination output that employs indirect reflecting optics to control emitted light for a spread in the vehicle’s immediate vicinity. Installing an LED light bar will make your off-road journeys easier, and your car will also be immediately safer during daytime situations with pre-installed DRLs.

Broad spread of light during night-time makes identifying hazards in front of the vehicle much more straightforward. Furthermore, when off-roading, areas which have no lighting at all are made comfortable for a driver, where you can be sure that our lights will show road bends or obstacles to help you drive with confidence. We only offer products that are tried and tested on our own vehicles, often pairing the light bars with our LED spotlights NZ to maximise the lighting for our off-road adventures.

LED efficiency and longevity

Our LED lighting selection will prove to impress in terms of lighting strength, efficiency, and longevity. We believe our products provide the safest solution for vehicle lighting, supplying designs that add to the aesthetics of your vehicle.

LED lighting provides a more significant light output level with high efficiency due to its low heat production. Additionally, our LED light bars are long-lasting, where expectations for an LED to last for the life of a vehicle would be well-founded. Our products are all created with durable materials, such as our fender flares NZ which also help protect our clients’ vehicles.

Light bar capabilities

The capabilities of our light bars enable our customers to drive confidently in low-light situations. They enact less strain on the vehicle's battery, being energy efficient. Additionally, they provide excellent longevity and, therefore, offer a good value for money.

The Plug and Play wiring loom enables DIY installation and mounting without requiring prior wiring experience. Looms we supply with our accessories for sale are entirely pre-made, requiring no cutting or soldering during the installation.

Improving vehicle safety

Our light bars have a daytime driving lights safety feature which increases your vehicle's visibility during the day, reducing accidents and being valuable beyond low light situations. We believe adding light bars is an essential attribute for road safety.

In addition to announcing your presence to vehicles, our light bars are valuable when you head out to off-road tracks. The wide beam of our LED lights is perfect for a late-night beach drive, where the extensive waterproofing ensures your lighting is not damaged when you are pushing your vehicle to the limit.

Wide range of accessories

At Flatout Offroad, we maintain stock of a wide range of accessories to elevate the features and safety of our clients' vehicles. Additionally, you can be sure that our accessories will pass New Zealand certifications, making any of our modifications able to maintain the road legality of our customers' cars.

We deliver globally, shipping throughout New Zealand with Courier Post and internationally using DHL. We make a significant effort to immediately dispatch our items, working with excellent response times and customer service to make the modification process less strenuous.

Simple steps with excellent service from purchase to installation

When you shop with us at Flatout Offroad, we connect you with the highest quality materials and modern designs that excel on the global market. In addition, the instructions we include with each purchase help our customers mount and install each item effectively, with no prior experience required.

Furthermore, by ensuring our team has a good knowledge of our items, we make certain that our customers are informed about our products before they make their selection. This knowledge helps customers choose the perfect accessory for their vehicle, for example, understanding LED light bars New Zealand requirements to select the best option from our range.

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