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Are you contemplating whether a body lift kit is a valuable addition to your ride? At Flatout Offroad, we cater for all body lift kit scenarios and vehicle makes, even producing custom kits should your car not be listed on our site. Our certifiable body lift kits and steering shaft extensions lift your vehicle and add extra room in the wheel wells for bigger tyres, better approach and departure angles, retain drive line angles and are aesthetically appealing.

All Body Lift Kit

Additionally, we focus on DIY kit installations so that you can install modifications affordably with ease, without adhering to the schedules and cost of a qualified installer. Writing simple, straightforward instructions, we account for all ranges of experience and skills. Additionally, all of our kits can be fitted without specialised equipment, only requiring basic hand tools.

New Zealand's #1 supplier of Body lift kits.

We are proudly New Zealand's #1 supplier of body lift kits, servicing many vehicle models and specific makes used in New Zealand. Our experience manufacturing body lift kits ensures we pair you with practical, long-lasting designs.

Furthermore, our attentive customer service ensures we maintain contact with you and respond to any queries well after you have fitted Flatout Offroad products. Suppose you encounter any issues or wonder whether you could add more modifications or ground clearance for your vehicle; in that case, we will be happy to consult with you, presenting a range of options.

Excellent Products Made In-House

We excel beyond our competitors in our high-quality components; being the manufacturer of our own products, we can maintain their quality and have an excellent understanding of the components we fit onto our clients' vehicles. All of our kits are complete, supplying body blocks, nuts, bolts and more.

We guarantee your vehicle will be certifiable in NZ, with our team responding to any certification issues after installing a Flatout Offroad body lift kit. You can be confident in your DIY modifications after purchasing a product from our team. In addition, we are determined to enable less experienced at-home installers to be empowered to implement fixtures and body lifts for their vehicles, such as our body lift kits for Toyota.

Benefits of the Body Lift Kit

Body lift kits lift the lightest part of the vehicle, so they retain a desirable low centre of gravity. This is important both off-road and in static roll-over tests as the COG is now considered when certifying a vehicle.

A lot of vehicles these days have independent front suspension. A suspension lift above 2'' on an IFS-equipped vehicle will generally change drive line angles so significantly that it will create a weak point. On the other hand, a body lift can provide extra space in the wheel well to accommodate larger tires without altering drive line angles.

A body lift can significantly increase approach and departure angles, particularly useful on utes with significant rear overhang.

The price point of a complete body lift kit is significantly cheaper than the equivalent suspension lift, so it provides excellent value for money, considering the advantages you can gain from installing one.

Additional Modifications

In addition to body lifts, Flatout Offroad houses an excellent mix of accessories, such as our lighting range which extends the scope of your vehicle's off-roading hours. Our selection of fixtures allows you to commit fully to off-roading with light bars, spotlights, and work lights, allowing you to be confident and comfortable when driving in low-light situations.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or whether they would suit your needs, and we will promptly reply to get you sorted. For example, we recommend choosing an extended lighting setup, believing our products increase vehicle safety, such as our fender flares NZ or breather kits, which allow for more off-road capabilities.

We are Committed to Safety

Our core commitment is to safety, with our products being made with exact designs and high-quality material while they improve the capacity of your vehicle’s off-roading. All body lift kits provided by our team will be long-lasting and manufactured to the highest standard.

In addition to offering predictable products, our accessories, such as rubber wheel flares, protect your vehicle from propelling rocks at opposing cars and stop debris from damaging your vehicle’s body. Furthermore, we maintain knowledge of New Zealand's allowable modifications, ensuring your car will be road legal after fitting it with improvements.

Excellent Service and Knowledge

Our team works to be continually well-informed of current technology and equipment while knowing how to interact with customers who are encountering issues during installation or shipping. We work in partnership with you so that you make an informed decision regarding purchasing, and make the installation process straightforward and quick.

We're Here to Help

Search no further than Flatout Offroad. Contact us if you have questions before checkout or at any stage of the installation and usage process. So, phone 0278250575 or email to start planning your next purchase.