Led Spotlights NZ

Are you searching for the best LED spotlights NZ? We house an extensive selection of LED spotlights that will extend your vehicle’s lighting range in nighttime situations and make your off-roading less time-sensitive. So, whether you live in a rural area or have taken a keen interest in off-roading, our spotlight lighting fixtures will improve your driving safety.

Led Spotlights NZ

Browse our selection of LED spotlights to make a concerted effort toward increasing the safety and effectiveness of your vehicle. Our LED spotlights are approved, E-mark certified lighting fixtures, employing modern TIF reflector lens technology, enabling a highly controlled beam pattern for superior performance.

LED Driving Lights

LED lighting is incredibly efficient, putting less strain on the vehicle's battery by generating less heat than its lighting counterparts. Our LED spotlights extend a concentrated beam of light to highlight distant road features in front of your vehicle. The spread of our LED light bar NZ offers wide lighting benefits, whereas our spotlights specialise in the length they add to your lighting setup.

Search no further than Flatout Offroad to help you prepare for nighttime lowlight driving, where our LED lighting offers clarity during dim or no light situations. We install our products on our own off-road vehicles, combining a selection of our lighting styles to accommodate nighttime driving entirely.

Excellent Quality Fixtures

All the accessories and kits we provide are developed using high-quality materials, such as our LED lights. Our LED spotlights have excellent longevity, brightness, and durability, accounting for the stresses of off-road bumps and the influence of water, dirt, and dust. The fixtures are built with off-roading impacts in mind, understanding the risk of damage to the electronics should outdoor elements enter the product, had the design been less effective.

While we maintain our excellent quality of products, we make a key focus on helping our clients save money, offering our product range at consistently affordable prices. View our other accessories, and you can completely modify the capabilities and safety of your vehicle.

Excellent advice and response times

Our New Zealand team is eager to serve our local and global customers, attending to your needs with a quick response time and a good understanding of our product range. We are proud of our brand of service and committed to immediate dispatch once the item is added to the cart and payment is received, so that you can install the accessory in no time.

Every customer is facilitated by our team, providing all body lift kit products to service each vehicle model. Additionally, after installing one of our kits, a lighting accessory is an excellent choice to vastly improve your nighttime off-roading experience, implementing more safety functions for your car.

Excellent longevity of our products

It's not news that LED lighting fixtures offer significant longevity, meaning that a purchase from Flatout Offroad should last the entire lifetime of your vehicle. In addition, the durability and quality of the components used in our LEDs ensure that they remain working when under stress, enabling consistent use while requiring little to no maintenance.

Our entire product range is focused on longevity, with our body lift kits having a lifetime guarantee and the materials we use for each kit being maintained at a high standard.

Defining your outdoor space

Our vehicle lighting accommodates lighting needs on the go. However, for those requiring lighting for a work area, we are also offering an LED work light which means the use of your outdoor space can be adjusted so that you are not limited to daytime working.

Similar to our LED spotlight, our LED work lights have excellent longevity and are constructed with durable designs. Additionally, these lighting fixtures enact a smooth wide flood beam to light an area effectively, in contrast to our spotlight sets, without the need for long-distance visibility.

Partnering well with our other lighting accessories

Spotlight lighting extends beyond the distance of our light bars, catering for the needs of both on-road and off-road use. When you implement both offerings, your vehicle will be equipped with a wide and far-reaching light beam to suit every situation.

All of our products are long-lasting, where our LED spotlights are part of the booming automotive LED market, promising to protect the safety of your vehicle during adverse weather and long-term use.

We're happy to help.

At Flatout Offroad, we connect you with excellent products at the optimum price. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have regarding our product range or installation. Feel free to call us on 0278250575 or email flatoutoffroad@gmail.com. Additionally, you can sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook at FlatoutOffroad Facebook or Instagram at FlatoutOffroad Instagram so that you don't miss a deal or new product launch.