Are you in need of a Toyota body lift kit? Flatout Offroad houses an extensive range of kits and accessories, from our 1996 Toyota 4runner lift kit to our Toyota Hilux lift kits and more! Browse our full selection of kits for many manufacturers and makes at Flatout Offroad NZ. We understand the needs of our clients, as we are off-road enthusiasts ourselves, using our products on our vehicles and testing them in real situations.

1996 Toyota 4runner Lift Kit

Worldwide shipping is available, where we regularly use DHL to meet the needs of our global clients. Alternatively, if you are living in New Zealand, we shall immediately dispatch our kits through Courier Post to get them in your hands as soon as possible.

Hilux Lift Kit

We have you covered if you are looking for a Hilux lift kit, offering improved performance when our kits are assembled and paired with the vehicle. While we have no connection and are not affiliated with the Toyota Motor Corporation, however, we seek to partner effectively with their models, delivering exceptional results with excellent longevity for each model.

Body lift kits are a simple and cost-effective route toward raising your 4wd. They enable you to implement larger wheels and tyres while giving you the ability to improve your vehicle's approach and departure angles. Our body lift kits are applicable for many vehicle makes, facilitating the top brands of cars with excellent off-road features.

Fully equipped for off-roading.

After purchasing one of our kits, installation is routinely straightforward, with body lift kits exhibiting advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. You can insert body lift fixtures through our kits without altering the suspension or messing with rear shocks, front shocks, and coil springs.

Excellent advice and consistent communication

When you make contact with our team members, we will impress you with excellent, knowledgeable advice for your off-roading needs. We will respond to any queries you may have when looking to purchase a kit. Furthermore, we will be happy to attend to your messages if you have questions regarding dispatch and delivery times.

The lift kits we provide are offered with lifetime warranties while we repair or replace manufacturing issues if they arise. Our warranties ensure you can be confident that our products will perform well during strenuous tasks, allowing you to challenge yourself with adventurous off-roading. In addition, our broad selection of options extends the range of available uses for your vehicle, such as our diff breather kit NZ, which caters for water crossings.

Premium car accessories

Body lift kits improve your vehicle’s off-road capabilities and are supported by our accessories. We sell an extensive accessory range, accompanying our body lift kits with body bushing, diff breathers, wheel flares, lighting and more to fully service your vehicle.

Whether beginning with modifying your car for off-road use or adding another fixture to attack off-road tracks more effectively, our knowledgeable team will supply you with excellent advice and ideas. We account for all DIY skill levels, making sure that our kits are easily installable and in stock when you are in need.

Providing many benefits

Purchasing a body lift kit from Flatout Offroad will install many benefits for your vehicle. Lifting the body of a car makes it look aesthetically pleasing while allowing for larger tyres, making off-roading more accessible. In addition, the kits are easy to install while being affordable, proving to be an excellent choice for our own vehicles.

We guarantee that your vehicle will be certifiable in New Zealand after installing a body lift kit. Additionally, the high-quality materials we use when creating our kits in-house will allow for excellent longevity for your installation, with a lifetime guarantee for our body lift kits. Our body lift kits providing for wider tires are among the best simple modifications for beginner off-roading.

Navigating rough country effectively.

Installing a body lift kit is the first step to upgrading your vehicle's navigation of rough country. Make today the date that you start upgrading your off-road capabilities.

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