Are you looking to install comprehensive lighting for a vehicle or work area? Then, please browse our extensive range of LED work lights at Flatout Offroad to improve the safety of your car and get work started!

Led Work Lights

Our lighting options ensure your vehicle will be equipped for off-roading situations or any lowlight use, where our lights are made with durability in mind, holding up when put under the stresses of off-road shocks and debris. Our lighting options are hardy and compact, robust, IP68 waterproof rated, EMC protected, and vibration proof. So, choose from our cube lights, flat lights, or mini work/rock light to fit the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Additionally, our light bar and spotlight selections both provide additional benefits for your ride. Whether you've been an off-road driver for years or this is the first time, we are here to service your vehicle modifications fully.

Browse our Compact and Powerful LED Work Lights.

Browse our compact and powerful LED work lights to see our beam samples and view how effective the LED lighting is at enabling 24-hour operations. LED lighting is a practical choice for your next fitting, offering long life, energy efficiency, and significant durability.

All of our lighting is low maintenance, working effectively for a vast number of hours. The flood beam format provides 51-metre width for all but our mini work/rock light, which offers an impressive 49-metre width. As a result, work will not be halted through lack-of-lighting, with a powerful and effective light brightening the complete area.

Consistent Store Stock Availability

Shop with us at Flatout Offroad, and we will meet your needs with consistent product availability and an excellent selection of lighting essentials and modern technology. So, whether you're looking to purchase an LED work light, an LED light bar NZ, or fit a kit modification for your vehicle, we are happy to help.

Light up the dark with an LED work light where, from cart to checkout, we are committed to providing friendly, knowledgeable customer service. We believe our products have relevance in New Zealand, with work situations and off-roading being applicable events. Additionally, we are dedicated to international shipping, using DHL to send our products promptly overseas. CourierPost services our domestic shipping, where you do not have to be close to our nearest store location to engage with our product range.

Why Choose our Team

When choosing our team for your next LED work light purchase, our honest advice and stock availability will ensure you are aware of the many uses for our lighting fixtures, making an informed decision about the product which will most effectively meet your needs.

The applications of flood beam lighting are almost endless, with our mini work/rock light perfectly suited to lighting vehicle trays, being fitted as an awning light, inspection lights, lighting camping interiors and more. Additionally, our larger lighting offerings tick all boxes, perfectly lighting a work area.

Excellent Quality Lighting

We deliver long-term quality at fantastic prices, pairing our clients with exclusive deals and custom-made kits to get them ready to take their vehicle off-road. Our lighting options are all excellent quality, offering choices for any lighting category, from LED spotlights NZ to light bars and work lights.

Whether you need long-distance spotlighting for rural driving or want to combine your current lighting fittings with a light bar to have more lighting breadth, we have you covered. Our team members are well equipped to add information beyond what is expressed on our site, ensuring you can find the ideal choice for your vehicle use.

Manufactured With Long-Lasting Parts

We only select lighting manufactured to be long-lasting, with each design protecting the core components and ensuring the outside elements won't enter your accessory.

After getting in touch with us, we will be happy to help with any issues or defects. Our products are each accompanied by at least 12-month warranties to ensure that you have excellent use of our items for as long as possible, and we actively work to increase your enjoyment of off-roading.

Complete Lighting Solutions

When pairing one of our products with your vehicle, we guarantee that our products will maintain the road legality. In addition, we try to convey the benefits of LED lighting, partnering well with vehicles without draining your battery, and being long-lasting. Enquire with our team today to find a lighting solution that will meet your needs effectively.

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Get in touch with us to experience our friendly assistance throughout the process, from adding a cart item to shipping and installation. We will respond to queries beyond conventional opening hours, ensuring you're ready to go as soon as possible. So, don't miss out on our products; phone us today at 0278250575 or email