Diff Breather Kit NZ

Huge range of diff breather kits to suit most makes & models

Are you searching for an affordable, excellent quality diff breather kit NZ? Our team at Flatout Offroad is eager to pair you with the essential diff breather modification for your vehicle! So, please browse our extensive range of breather extension kits to suit the makes and models of most 4wd.

Diff Breather Kit NZ Huge range of diff breather kits to suit most makes & models

Protecting from dust and water ingress is a necessary feature for cars that are to be driven on unsealed roads or submerged underwater temporarily through a river crossing or other immersed off-road situation. In addition, we make the upgrade process cost-effective, long-lasting, and simple to install, making a Flatout Offroad diff breather kit a safeguard against potential severe and expensive repairs.

Diff Breather Kit Components

Our diff breather kit components are all supplied using high-quality materials, providing all filters, a splash proof mounting bracket, self-tapping screws, hose connects, zip ties, and air tubing to fit your diff breather kit effectively. Additionally, our fitting advice, which we write for each of our kits, allows you to install at home without our team’s input. Of course, we are happy to help if you encounter any issues; however, our straightforward instructions should enable you to implement a swift, simple installation.

All of our kits are made in-house, with our team developing each component with fine workmanship and attention to detail which ensures each element is presented at the finest quality. Additionally, we guarantee our kits are certifiable in New Zealand, aiding certification through our accessories, such as fender flares NZ, to make your ride road legal.

Why the diff breather kit is essential

Diff breather kits are an essential part of your vehicle's off-road functioning, proving vital to protect critical vehicle components during water crossing or dusty situations. You can connect one of our kits to the front diff, rear diff, gearbox and transfer case to maintain your car’s uninterrupted air supply effectively.

Implementing a diff breather kit stops your gearbox and transfer case and differentials from sucking in water to enable regular operation during off-road actions. One-way breather valves are the standard technique to alleviate air pressure build-up through the heating of the differentials, gearbox, and transfer case. However, cold water quickly cools the expanded cases during water hazards, shrinking and forming a vacuum effect on breather valves. The vacuum stops air from being let in, causing water to be sucked in through your surrounding oil seals, causing water ingress. Breather kit installations alleviate these issues by drawing air from a higher point of the vehicle with a free flowing air vent, protecting your truck or car.

Excellent, knowledgeable team

When you contact us at Flatout Offroad, our friendly, knowledgeable team will service your needs with integrity and speed. We understand the key components of off-road vehicles. Being enthusiastic about off-road driving ourselves, we give honest advice backed up by our time working in the industry and adventurous trips in our vehicles.

We house an excellent selection of diff breather kits, LED lights for cars, body kits and more to meet your needs effectively. Our kits are produced with DIY clients in mind, ensuring that we provide instructions and the complete components to equip your vehicle to make the most of off-road scenarios. Additionally, all of our products offer a minimum 12 month warranty period, for which our team will replace manufacturing defects.

Basic breather kit installation

The kits we supply are all tuned toward making installation simple for our customers. We understand that, although our clients may be very knowledgeable about their vehicles, DIY installation may be a new scenario for them. Therefore, each comprehensive fitting kit will include fitting advice to explain the correct method required and tell you why each component is included in the kit.

We suggest that our diff breather kits should take 1 - 4 hours to install effectively. In addition, these kits can be installed with basic hand tools, ensuring you are well equipped to make the project a success.

Great vehicle benefits

Our kits enable you to complete each off-road event with ease, pushing your ride to its full potential while being confident that you have customised its features to manage the more severe water crossings and muddy terrain. Our diff breather kits partner well with the body kits we offer, giving you the best off-road ride, protecting your vehicle effectively and giving you the ability for water crossings in your 4x4.

Easily removable for cleaning

We seek to make installation and maintenance simple, establishing our kits with servicing in mind. Additionally, the diff breather systems are easily removable for cleaning, providing upkeep opportunities for greater longevity.

Email or phone our team today

Contact our team by emailing flatoutoffroad@gmail.com if you have any queries regarding a recent purchase or our options for your vehicle. Additionally, you can call us on 0278250575, where we consistently service our New Zealand and international customers.