Landrover Discovery Breather Extension Kit

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Landrover Discovery breather extension kit 

To extend and relocate the factory breathers to the engine bay. 

Why extend your axle and transmission breathers?

Extending your factory diff breathers is a essential modification if you plan on doing any sort of water crossing in your 4wd. Factory breathers are located on top of the axle housing, this kit is to re-locate them to the fire wall.

Operating your 4wd causes the drive train to heat up - and the air inside it to expand. 
When entering a river, the cold water rapidly cools the diff and the hot air inside it creates a vacuum as it tries to equalize the pressure. If your diff breather is submerged when this happens - water, grit and mud can potentially get sucked inside your diff housing.

Extending the factory breathers to a higher position in the 4wd keeps them "high and dry" or if you are crossing extremely deep water it will keep them clear until this process has been completed. 

The breather housing in this kit is designed to act as a shield stopping mud, dust and water from splashing up. It is easily removable when cleaning is required.

Fitting advice is included with these kits.

What this breather extension kit includes:

2 Port Kit - Extends both front and rear diff breathers

- 1x Breather housing 
- Self tapping screws for breather housing 
- 2x Filters/ Breathers 
- 4x Hose connects 
- 15 x Zip Ties 
- 6m Of 10mm Hose (Enough to do most trucks) 


4 Port Kit - Extends both diffs, transfer case and gearbox breathers

- 1x Breather Housing
- Self tapping screws for breather housing
- 4x Filters / Breathers
- 8x Hose connects
- 20 x Zip Ties
- 8m Of 10mm Hose (Enough to do most trucks)


Install time is around 1 - 4 hours, Can be installed with basic hand tools. Very simple and beneficial upgrade.