GREEN Laser Engraved Rocker Switch

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Water proof 5 pin on/off Rocker switch with Green LED back light. 20A, 12v or 24v Perfect for automotive lighting.

Why Laser engraved rocker switches?

Laser engraving is a more durable and precise form of labeling. Unlike there printed counterpart, there is no ink or see through lens to print onto involved. The laser etched designs are more precise and have no wash out from back lighting, meaning instead of just a bright light, you can see the writing on your switch in the dark and actually know what your turning on and off.

- Reverse lights
- Backup lights
- Compressor
- Side lights
- Winch free spool
- Winch power
- Winch in/out
- Winch isolator
- LED work lights
- Rear lights
- Aux lights
- Windshield light bar
- Cooling fans
- Push to start
- LED light bar
- Dual LED light bar
- Bumper light bar
- Roof lights
- Spot lights
- Offroad lights
- Driving lights
- Bunny burners
- Rear differential lock
- Front differential lock

A pre-made wiring loom is available for direct plug in, a simple and quick way of wiring your spotlights, lightbars or other accessories. These wiring harnesses come pre-installed with a fuse and relay.