Nissan D21 Idler arm brace Terrano Navara

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Terrano and Navara Idler arm brace

If you have lifted your D21 Terrano or Navara or D22 Navara , put larger tires on or just plan on doing some offroad driving, you will want this idler arm brace.

This idler arm brace is an easy to install bolt on component that reinforces and makes a double shear mounting point on the factory idler arm. It prevents bending and potential breakages.

Why you need this idler arm brace?

The idler arm is a weak link for D21 Nissan Terrano and Navara and D22 Navara. This brace is a cheap insurance to make sure you get home and prevent any unnecessary repair bills.

To suit RHD vehicles. NZ, Australia and JDM (Japan)

Install time is around 15 minutes.

Laser cut out of 5mm steel for durability and strength.