LED Lightbar or Spotlight PLUG and PLAY Wiring Loom 12v DOUBLE plug

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Easy fit PLUG and PLAY wiring harness for connecting your spotlights, LED lightbars, Reverse lights, air compressors etc. Perfect for most automotive applications. 
No prior wiring experience needed, this loom is completely pre-made, and requires no cutting or soldering at all for installation - just plug it in and switch it on.  

- This loom is best for two lights, dual spotlights etc 

Will work on all Halogen, HID and LED lights and light bars. For lights up to 480w (single) or 240w each for pair. 

Features include: 

  • - Color coded battery connects (Red positive, Black negative) 
  • - Water proof fuse holder (30a fuse included) 
  • - Waterproof male and female DT connectors, so you can easily unplug your chosen accessory (Spot lights etc). 
  • - Shrink wrapped 12v 40a Relay 
  • - Ribbed cable protectors
  • - Insulated and sheathed wiring 
  • - 2.5m length, suitable for most applications 
  • - Basic On/off switch as seen in picture. This switch is also exchangeable for ARB style rocker switches, Just unplug it then plug in your chosen rocker switch.