LZ Prodigy 9'' LED Driving light

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Now you see me

Trial by fire, with mastery to the highest level. LZ Prodigy is a total evolution of TIF reflector technology and the pinnacle of all LZ light development. Epic lighting performance, extreme durability and the unique LZ style make the 9'' Prodigy a trail blazer, setting a new bench mark for driving light performance. 

Jaw dropping performance

Total internal reflector technology creates a highly controlled beam pattern. This optic design provides more focus, more control of of emitted light and overall offers far superior performance to the traditional style cup reflector.

The benefits of TIF reflector technology is not seen before in this application - not because it doesn't work, but because its incredibly hard to achieve design perfection at this scale. Everything comes at a cost, and to achieve our performance goal for us was no different. It meant putting everything on the line and jumping in the deep end... so that's what we did. 

The result? 1200m of smooth even light, cast exactly where you aim it.  

Dressed to impress

A tough shell is the back bone to any quality driving light, and can often make or break a product. The Prodigy boasts a rugged diecast aluminum housing with extended cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation. Credited with an IP68 water proof rating, the Prodigy will not shy from tough environments. This IP rating occupies the very top of the IP scale and offers maximum protection from water and dirt ingress. 

Provided mounting option is a 4mm thick pressed and folded steel frame, with three lower mounting points. This is a no-nonsense way to eliminate vibrations and hold your lights securely at the angle you left them. 

Measuring just 101mm thin, the Prodigy loves a tight squeeze and applies its self well to bullbars with limited mounting real-estate. 

New Zealand's best

Size: 9''

Power: 150w

Beam distance: 1200m

Beam Type: Driving beam

Operating volts: 9-32v


Mounting system: Heavy duty lower mounts

Construction: 6063 aluminum housing with a Hardened Lexan PC lens 

IP Rating: IP68

Plug type: Sealed 3pin Deutsch connector

E-Mark: Yes