LZ2 Ultra32 Double Row

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The LZ2 Ultra 32'' Double row light bar - When more, is enough. The LZ2 is a larger and more powerful light than the LZ1, and rightly so as it employs a whole extra row on its counterpart. 

Advanced optics

The use of indirect reflecting optics enables increased control of emitted light, for that perfect spread. This also means less wasted light and a substantial increase in light efficiency. The hardened PC lens is scratch resistant and has a UV coat applied to stop sun fade. Light transmittance is over 99%.

Looks that have a purpose

The perfect equilibrium of looks and performance while compromising on neither. Superior housing design creates an efficient platform to effectively draw heat from the electrical components, while also minimizing pockets that create a loud buffeting effect when driving. The end result? More stable LED chips that can operate at 100% capacity for longer, and so little wind noise you wont even know its there.  

Durable materials, tougher by design

Built like a brick sh... ah, its made strong. All electronics are contained within a sturdy 6063 aluminum housing with black powder coat finish, the use of stainless steel fasteners and a IP68 water proof rating complete the package. The outer lens is made of UV treated and hardened PC and is 3mm thick, it offers over 99% light transmittance and is virtually unbreakable once fitted into the housing.   


Also know as Day time running lights, this is a safety feature to increase visibility during the day. Statistically DRLs do reduce accidents, and in this case an added bonus is it adding a unique aspect to your vehicle. Double win. 

LZ2 Ultra32 beam characteristics  

A realist approach has been taken when engineering the LZ2s beam qualities, focusing on priority uses for this bar and then making a beam pattern to best suit.

This LZ2 boasts a broad elliptical beam that pushes un-interrupted light all the way out to 578m. Due to the nature of the reflectors there are no hot spots, or dull areas. The awareness and field of view this light provides at night is mind-blowing. 

Elliptical beam

This is a wide and flat beam, keeping concentrated light away from the sky, tree tops and road signs. This is a very effective all purpose beam and is made possible through indirect reflecting optics. 

Length: 32''

Power: 240w

Beam distance: 578m

Beam type: Elliptical beam

Operating volts: 9-32v

LED Chip: CREE 5w

Mounting system: Lower sliding mounts + Side mounts 

Construction: 6063 aluminum housing with a Hardened Lexan PC lens 

IP Rating: IP68